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ConLou Protech Productions LLC

9405 Arrowhead Court Upper Marlboro MD 20772 US

CONLOU ProTech, Studio, LLC

"Excellent Sounds for Less and We Can Bring The Studio to You"


We accept all major credit cards and a non-refundable deposit of one half is required for booking time. Any rates given are for informational purposes and represent an estimate only. Each project is unique, so your final investment may vary. Please contact Luigi to discuss the specifics of your project.

Full Audio Production

When comparing rates, keep in mind the rates quoted by many recording studios are for tracking only, perhaps with the assistance of a recording engineer. They often do not include the services of a professional producer.

In-studio rates begin at $40 per hour. Your actual investment may be higher, depending on your choices and other variables. call or e-mail Luigi to discuss your specific needs and get a firm quote.


This service is included in the full production services (above) for those who record with Luigi. If you’ve already laid down your tracks elsewhere, you can still rely on Luigi for professional-quality mastering.

Your exact investment will depend on the length and number of songs you need mastered. Call or e-mailfor more information and a specific quote.